Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you have free consults?

  • Yes, for all your criminal matters.

What are your Office Hours?

  • 9am-5pm,  We also have an ansering service and are available via email for your convenience.

Where are you licensed to practice law?

  • The State of Arizona and California 

Do you make home visits? We have an elderly parent that needs to update and sign his Trust. 

  • Yes, We can schedule a home visit. In addition we have also had meetings in Hospitals and Jails. We understand that coming to us is sometimes not an option so we are happy to be there no matter the location.  ​

Do you travel to California?

  • Yes, And we have experience in the Imperial Valley, San Diego,  Los Angeles County Superior Court and in Northern California.  

Do you represent clients in DUI's?

  • Yes.

Can you handle all misdemeanors and Drug felonies?

  • Yes.

​Do you handle Evictions? 

  • Yes, I have many years experiance and a great success rate in evictions.

How Much do you charge for Consults?

  • $150.00 


Can you help me with my Divorce?

  • No, We are very sorry we do not work in:  Family Law, Personal Injury, or Bankruptcy but we would be happy to refer you to a great law firm that can help you.

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