Why Choose a Boutique Law Firm?

         These days it seems like we have more attorneys than we could possibly need. Especially, in a small town like Yuma.  When we have so many choices it could be a bit mind numbing.  Where do you start? Like most you Google Search and ask your, friends, family, neighbors, babysitter  or anyone that could shed some insight.  Sometimes the right attorney for them isn't the right one for you. Take the time to make a educated choice.  You don't want to get stuck paying a lawyer to fix his own mistakes or a lawyer that has such a large firm he reviews your files fifteen minutes before your scheduled meeting.  You would be surprised the horrible experiences many people have faced here in Yuma when choosing the wrong firm.  

Think first about your goals & what you want from your attorney: 

An aggressive attorney?

*Maybe Consider their resume or success rate?

Some one you can trust?

* Maybe consider someone who has spent there lives in this town and has strong community roots. 

Returns calls promptly?

*Maybe consider a lawyer that has after hours, personal email access or answering service so they can be reached in an emergency.       


Aggressive, Trustworthy, Prompt,

Are what we pride our selfs on at The Law Offices Of Ryan C. Hengl Esq.

  It is Smart to choose a Boutique Law firm For 5 simple reasons!

          1.) Each Client Matters you are not a number or a paycheck to us.   Your success is our success and we take that seriously.  In a small pond there is no such thing as a small fish. Every client to us is a "big Fish".  All of our staff is familiar with your case and knows you by name, and we are proud of that. Because, we are a Boutique Law Firm we are very selective of our client.  We don't take on hundreds of cases so we don't have to prioritize our work. Everyone and all our cases are important to us.  You can be assumed that if we take your case we are fully committed to your success.  We believe reputation is everything and we have been practicing that almost a decade, with a proven success track record.  2.) Accessibility. We make our selfs accessible day and night. Ready to help when you need it all our client have our office number,  personal email and a answering service directing calls.  3.) Efficient.  When you are paying by the hour you want to make sure time isn't wasted.  We understand that wasted time is, wasted money. 4.) Personal Touch.  When you call our law firm you will always be working with the same attorney. Who has a through understanding of your case. This personal relationship with clients sets our attorney apart.    As proof  by his loyal and lasting work relationships over almost a decade. 5.)Focused.  We are Focused in:  Business Law, Real Estate, Estate Planning, Probate, Trust and Estates, Litigation and Contracts.  

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The Law Offices of Ryan C. Hengl Esq.